Removes Stains, Plaque & Tartar!

See The Incredible Difference It Makes:

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Easily Clean Hard To Reach Places & All These:

  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Veneers
  • Braces

Introducing Sonic Pic™

It's a fact, what you eat and drink stains your teeth. You could try brushing off the yuck but good luck! You'd have to go to the dentist every day to professionally take the stains away. Now you can! Sonic Pic™ is the gentle, at-home dental cleaning system that helps keep your teeth stain free, whiter, brighter and healthy! Sonic Pic™ is not a brush and not a water jet, but an ultrasonic cleaning system that sends 3,000 sonic vibrations per minute to help gently remove stains, plaque and tartar on contact! Just point and press and let Sonic Pic™ do the rest!

Your teeth will look and feel professionally cleaned because Sonic Pic™ uses 3,000 sonic vibrations per minute to clean front, back and in between. Brushing alone only gets half the job done. Add Sonic Pic™ and your teeth are whiter, cleaner and super slick! Because it cleans in all those hard to reach places where food particles and plaque hide, Sonic Pic™ is perfect for people with crowns, implants, veneers and dental work. It's great for braces because it gets in places a brush can't and that means less cavities and better check-ups! Sonic Pic™ has a bright LED light so you can actually see it working. Its low profile tip and ergonomic design help back teeth and molars get easily clean. The built-in timer tells you when your teeth are perfectly clean. Plus it's battery powered, it's like taking a dentist's office with you anywhere you go!

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Today, you'll get 1 Sonic Pic™ kit for only $14.99 plus $6.99 processing and handling. Plus, we'll Double the Offer and include a BONUS Sonic Pic™ kit, just pay the separate processing and handling of $6.99. Each Sonic Pic™ kit includes a teeth cleaning tip, sensitive teeth and gum cleaning tip, dental mirror and FREE professional tongue cleaner.

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